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  • Aerodynamics: Bioinspired Aerodynamics; Fluid-Structure Interaction; Wall-bounded Turbulence; Turbulent Heat Transfer; Computational Fluid Dynamics; High-Peformance Computing; Experimental Aerodynamics; Advanced Flow Diagnostics
  • Aeronautical Technology: Aerostructures; Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization; Unconventional Aircraft; Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs); Structural Health Monitoring; Structural Dynamics and Vibro-acoustics; Composite Materials and Advanced Materials; Airborne Wind Energy Systems
  • Air Navigation: Commercial Aircraft Trajectory Optimization; Meteorological Uncertainty Management; Aviation Induced Environmental Impact; Artificial Intelligence Applications to Air Traffic Management
  • Space Technology: Space Propulsion; Space Tethers; Mission Analysis and Trajectory Optimization; Orbit Determination and Space Surveillance and Tracking; Satellite Design and Systems Engineering; Space Debris Removal