About VIVO

UC3M - Research Portal presents updated information about Carlos III University of Madrid Researchers, Departments and Research outputs.

It is a collaborative project between Carlos III University of Madrid Research and Library Services.

It has been chosen to implement it on VIVO: an open source project, based on the semantic Web with which it is possible to link research networks and that was developed by the University of Cornell, being currently used in different institutions of the world.

UC3M - Research Portal data source is Universitas XXI - Investigación, the Current Research Information System used by UC3M.

Excellence Awards 2018

UC3M - Research Portal received the "Excellence Awards 2018" (modality for Administration and Services Staff) from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Social Committee. Awards supported by Banco Santander, through Santander Universidades, and Airbus Group.

The Awards for Excellence seek to recognize and promote effort, quality, innovation and contribution to the excellence of the university community. They represent an initiative that promotes entrepreneurship and appraises ​​the work carried out by members of four groups from the institution: young doctoral research staff, students, administration and services staff and alumni. They also represent an opportunity to grant exposure to young researchers of international standing, outstanding students, staff working with distinction in administration and services, and graduates of the university with exemplary professional careers.