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  • European Research Project


  • 101096909

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  • April 1, 2023 - December 31, 2025


  • FLEX-SCALE advances disruptive research on compleme ntary optical x-haul network technologies for Optical Switching Nodes and their Transceiver Interfaces that enable flexible capacity scaling (≥10 Tb/s rate per interface, ≥1 Pb/s capacity per link and ≥10 Pb/s
    throughput per optical node) based on utilization of ultra-high bandwidth photonic/plasmonic technologies and the efficient exploitation of opticalspatial and spectralswitching (UltraWide-Band Spectral & Spatial Lanes Multiplexing; UWB/SDM). The developed x-haul 6G optical network innovations will achieve record energy efficiency (sub-pJ perswitched/transmitted bit ) and low cost, enabled by photonic integration and optical transparency, replacing/bypassing power-hungry and costly electronic processing systems(e.g., electronic routers/switches). The Optical Nodes and their Transceiver Interfaces will be controlled by ML-enabled SDN control plane approaches that incorporate new resource allocation algorithms and protocols relying on emerging information models and enabling autonomous programmable disaggregated open networks, which will optimize traffic flow routing across network layers and segments, improving network QoS (high rates, low latency, high reliability/availability) and low cost/power consumption, as required by 6G specifications.
    FLEX-SCALE consortium spans the value chain of industry/academia experts on the targeted topics (transformational transceivers and optical switches, network planning, operation algorithms and protocols development) with demonstrated experience on delivering on their promises, as indicated by their research output and exploitation towards new products, services and standards contributions. FLEX-SCALE is poised to extend Europe’s leadership in 6G x-haul with offerings of highest-capacity flexible optoelectronic interfaces and fast switching nodes that fully exploit the optical spatial/spectral resources with the use of novel algorithms and control-