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  • European Research Project


  • UIA04-212

date/time interval

  • September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2023


  • More than 30% of Spanish households are unable to keep an adequate and healthy heat&cold temperature at home. Main problems to face this challenge are: lack of information (individual
    data, standard definitions, statistics) and of specific cross & holistic public services with a different approach than monetary poverty’s. More than 30.000 people in Getafe are suffering from
    energy poverty (EP), with several aggravating causes (ageing, old and poor quality housing, migrants, tenure, low income, unemployment). Energy Poverty Intelligence Unit (EPIU) in Getafe is
    based on 3 elements: 1) Design of an intelligent data analytics system focused on identification and prediction of EP affected people which will define clusters of population using data on
    energy consumption habits and real, socio-demographic data, income, building characteristics 2)Define and implement a municipal horizontal multidisciplinary public service to manage,
    control and monitor those solutions and assess results and efficiency of this local policy and 3) Implement specific tailored made programs for every cluster based on 3 scales
    (neighborhood, building and home) to mitigate EP effects. Innovation lies in the change in EP attention beyond monetary poverty: from reaction to prevention using data and through 3 scales.
    EPIU proposes municipal horizontal collaboration to fight heat &cold EP. Beneficiaries will give back for the improvement programs through actions that promote community-building and