Real-Time Recognition of Calling Pattern and Behaviour of Mobile Phone Users through Anomaly Detection and Dynamically-Evolving Clustering Articles uri icon

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  • August 2017


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  • 2076-3417


  • In the competitive telecommunications market, the information that the mobile telecom operators can obtain by regularly analysing their massive stored call logs, is of great interest. Although the data that can be extracted nowadays from mobile phones have been enriched with much information, the data solely from the call logs can give us vital information about the customers. This information is usually related with the calling behaviour of their customers and it can be used to manage them. However, the analysis of these data is normally very complex because of the vast data stream to analyse. Thus, efficient data mining techniques need to be used for this purpose. In this paper, a novel approach to analyse call detail records (CDR) is proposed, with the main goal to extract and cluster different calling patterns or behaviours, and to detect outliers. The main novelty of this approach is that it works in real-time using an evolving and recursive framework.


  • human activity recognition; evolving systems; analysing calling behaviour; detecting outliers; clustering