CIRQUA - Integrated Approaches at Local Scale for Enhancing Water Reuse Efficiency and Sustainable Soil Fertilization from Wastewater. Recovered Nutrients Projects uri icon


  • European Research Project


  • 2321

date/time interval

  • April 1, 2024 - March 31, 2027


  • The central objective of CIRQUA is to upgrade existing non-conventional decentralized
    wastewater treatment technologies focusing on constructed wetlands (CWs) as Nature Based Solutions (NBS) via the integration
    of novel nanomaterials for the development of portable nanostructured filter and a photocatalytic module. CIRQUA targets on i)
    increasing water efficiency, enhancing macro- and micro-pollutant removal for water reuse in agriculture, and improving sanitation
    through the elimination of residual micropollutants, pathogens and DNA and ii) developing novel fertilizer to improve soil fertility
    via making use of excess biomass of CWs and agricultural residual biomass. The objectives are designed to be scalable and
    adaptable to different contexts and will be applied under field conditions at 4 countries of the Mediterranean.