Tuning BART models to simplify Spanish health-related content Articles uri icon

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  • March 2023


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  • Health literacy has become an increasingly important skill for citizens to make health-relevant decisions in modern societies. Technology to support text accessibility is needed to help people understand information about their health conditions. This paper presents a transfer learning approach implemented with BART (Bidirectional AutoRegressive Transformers), a sequence-to-sequence technique that is trained as a denoising autoencoder. To accomplish this task, pre-trained models have been fine-tuned to simplify Spanish texts. Since fine tuning of language models requires sample data to adapt it to a new task, the process of creating of a synthetic parallel dataset of Spanish health-related texts is also introduced in this paper. The results on the test set of the fine-tuned models reached SARI values of 59.7 in a multilingual BART (mBART) model and 29.74 in a pre-trained mBART model for the Spanish summary generation task. They also achieved improved readability of the original texts according to the Inflesz scale.


  • language models; lexical simplification; multilingual bart; spanish; spanish