TWIN4MERIT - Twinning for Excellence in Management and Economics of Research and Innovation Projects uri icon


  • European Research Project


  • 101079196

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2025


  • The adoption of the new Pact and Governance for the European Research Area (ERA) that includes a new regime for open science endorsed by all EU27 competent ministers for R&I, the need for research integrity and a common set of principles and values to reaffirm solid foundations of R&I (ethics, freedom of scientific research, gender equality and equal opportunities), the increased free circulation of researchers, innovators and knowledge, the cultural distance of R&I consortia and the engagement of citizens in science and innovation and regional convergence in R&I capacity are areas that need rigorous attention. Also, the determinants of R&I productivity, the role and efficiency of R&I funding and both experimental approaches and theoretical economic models that can enable better understanding of the interactions of different actors in a R&I ecosystem are of utmost importance. The Twinning for Excellence in Management and Economics of Research and Innovation (TWIN4MERIT) project aims to examine these meta-research areas of critical importance by
    facilitating a partnership with two advanced partners in the field in order to advance all related research activities at the University of Cyprus (UCY). This vision will be realised by applying for a Horizon Europe/Twinning grant, in conjunction and under the aegis of the
    Research and Innovation Service of UCY and the “SInnoPSis” research unit for Science and Innovation Policy and Studies, which is part of a secured H2020/ERA Chairs project by UCY. This newly established research unit coupled with the new network of advanced
    partners of the TWIN4MERIT proposal, UM and UC3M, will facilitate the gradual upgrade of the research activities in the field both in Cyprus and internationally. The research excellence of the advanced partners is of multiple focus and this will act favourably for UCY in developing a series of different skills in the field and for producing novel research output in the areas of interest.


  • – research integrity and research misconduct; – econometrics, statistical methods; – economics of innovation; – research management; – open data