News media innovation reconsidered: ethics and values in a creative reconstruction of journalism Books uri icon



publication date

  • 2021


  • 978-1-119-70649-6


  • News Media Innovation Reconsidered: Ethics and Values in a Creative Reconstruction of Journalism is a good recent volume that discusses the many ways that news media are facing new ethical dilemmas and challenges that require fresh discussion. Edited by Maria Luengo, a working journalist and Associate Professor in the Department of Journalism and Communication at Carlos III University, Madrid, and Susana Herrera, Journalism Professor at the same institution, this book is a wonderful resource that offers fresh and timely discussion about journalism"s ethical and civil ideals by examining practical challenges in the news industry. This book takes readers to insightful discussions about immersive journalism, the use of artificial intelligence in news production, newsgames in journalism, and the ethics surrounding the use of massive data leaks and new questions originating from data journalism. In its 13 chapters, this well-researched and well-written book adds greatly to the existing literature about ethics in journalism.