Cross Nature: Cross Harmonization & Exploitation of NATURE DataSets: Projects uri icon


  • European Research Project


  • INEA/CEF/ICT/A2016/1297261

date/time interval

  • May 1, 2017 - April 30, 2019


  • Linked Open Data (LOD) has evolved from being a far-fetched futuristic vision of an interlinked web of concepts to
    actual datasets being shared and exposed in a number of key domains. The LOD evolution has been boosted by
    realistic technologies based on machine-readable structure, such as the Resource Description Framework (RDF),
    one of the cornerstones of the Semantic Technologies stack.
    The Cross Harmonization & Exploitation of NATURE DataSets (Cross-Nature) project implies bringing this evolution
    one step further. Cross-Nature aims at creating a smart LOD-oriented RDF-based endpoint for nature datasets. This
    endpoint will enable intelligent querying and sharing knowledge from nature datasets of key importance, namely, an
    Invasive Exotic Species Dataset and a Protected Species Tracking Dataset. These two datasets represent a
    fundamental progress in cross-border information sharing in Europe, preventing and protecting nature assets.
    The Cross-Nature main innovative aspects are threefold. Firstly, building a Data Management Plan for LOD, critical
    for assessing the economic and social impact of this information exchange. Secondly, considering open platforms
    such as FIWARE and their “connectors” architecture for improving intelligent services in LOD. Finally, integrating
    LOD providers, such as startups or other service providers that could leverage the ecosystem.
    The major expected technical outcomes in Cross-Nature are: i) LOD Endpoint for querying the aforementioned
    Nature Datasets ii) Data Management Plan and Platform for Semantic Interoperability and iii) Seamlessly integration
    for other LOD providers in this particular domain.
    The consortium counts with partners from 2 countries with relevant experience and results in the most significant
    disciplines of Cross-Nature.