METRICS:Measurement for Europe: Training and Research for Internet Communications Science Projects uri icon


  • European Research Project


  • PITN-GA-2013-607728

date/time interval

  • September 1, 2013 - August 31, 2017


  • Measurement for Europe: Training and Research for Internet Communications Science
    (METRICS) METRICS will offer a unique training and research opportunity for 13 ESRs and
    one ER in a network comprising seven partners and nine associate partners. The METRICS
    network comprises four strong academic partners (Aalto, UC3M, UCAM, UCL), three
    vendors (NEC, LMF, Narus), four ISPs (BT, TID, IIJ, Elisa), two operators of global
    measurement infrastructures (SamKnows, RIPE), and three partners for business education
    (EOI, IE, Principae). It thus offers an excellent foundation for cutting edge research in,
    training researchers for, and shaping the future of network measurements, their integration,
    and their applications. To this end, the network will tackle three key aspects of measurements:
    1) providing the right instruments in the Internet for continuous large-scale measurements; 2)
    developing data analysis and privacy protection mechanisms; and 3) interfacing
    measurements to applications in real-time and devising sample applications that make
    effective use of the measurement infrastructure.


  • internet communication networks; sensor networks; networks of robots; measurements