Donut-shaped mmwave printed antenna array for 5G technology Articles uri icon


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  • January 2021


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  • This article presents compact and novel shape ring-slotted antenna array operating at mmWave band on central frequency of 28 GHz. The proposed structure designed at 0.256 mm thin Roggers 5880 is composed of a ring shape patch with a square slot etched at the top mid-section of partial ground plane. Through optimizing the ring and square slot parameters, a high bandwidth of 8 GHz is achieved, ranging from 26 to 32 GHz, with a simulated gain of 3.95 dBi and total efficiency of 96% for a single element. The proposed structure is further transformed in a 4-element linear array manner. With compact dimensions of 20 mm × 22 mm for array, the proposed antenna delivers a high simulated gain of 10.7 dBi and is designed in such a way that it exhibits dual beam response over the entire band of interest and simulated results agree with fabricated prototype measurements. © 2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.


  • 28 ghz 5g directivity gain mmwave band smart phones