Antenna mutual coupling suppression over wideband using embedded periphery slot for antenna arrays Articles uri icon

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  • November 2018


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  • This paper presents a new approach to suppress interference between neighbouring radiating elements resulting from surface wave currents. The proposed technique will enable the realization of low-profile implementation of highly dense antenna configuration necessary in SAR and MIMO communication systems. Unlike other conventional techniques of mutual coupling suppression where a decoupling slab is located between the radiating antennas the proposed technique is simpler and only requires embedding linear slots near the periphery of the patch. Attributes of this technique are (i) significant improvement in the maximum isolation between the adjacent antennas by 26.7 dB in X-band and >15 dB in Ku and K-bands; (ii) reduction in edge-to-edge gap between antennas to 10 mm (0.37 ¿); and (iii) improvement in gain by >40% over certain angular directions, which varies between 4.5 dBi and 8.2 dBi. The proposed technique is simple to implement at low cost. © 2018 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.


  • decoupling method multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) systems mutual coupling suppression slotted array antennas synthetic aperture radar (sar)