A novel monofilar-Archimedean metamaterial inspired leaky-wave antenna for scanning application for passive radar systems Articles uri icon

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  • June 2018

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  • A novel backfire-to-endfire leaky-wave antenna is presented with ability to scan from ¿25° to +45°. The antenna is based on metamaterial transmission-lines and is implemented using monofilar Archimedean spiral and rectangular slots, spiral inductors, and metallic via-holes. The slots act as series left-handed capacitances, and the spirals with via-holes provide the shunt left-handed inductances to realize the metamaterial antenna. A prototype antenna was fabricated prototype on FR4 dielectric substrate, which has an electrical size of 0.0302¿0 × 0.0357¿0 × 0.0008¿0, where ¿0 is free space wavelength at 165 MHz. Measured bandwidth of the antenna is 710 MHz (165¿875 MHz) corresponding to a fractional bandwidth of 136.5%. The main advantage of the antenna is its ability to scan over a wide angle from ¿25° to +45° with acceptable gain and radiation efficiency of 1.2 dBi and 50.1%, respectively, measured at 400 MHz. The wide scanning attributes of the antenna make it suitable for passive radar applications to scan across the VHF¿UHF bands for FM-Radio, television, mobile phones, and GPS applications. © 2018 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.


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