Oxidation and Corrosion Behavior of New Low-Cost Ti-7Fe-3Al and Ti-7Fe-5Cr Alloys from Titanium Hydride Powders Articles uri icon

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  • February 2020


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  • 2075-4701


  • High production costs of Ti alloys usually hinders their use in industry sectors like the automotive and hence, low-cost titanium alloys could broaden titanium alloy usage. This work presents the study of three alloys— Ti-Fe, Ti-Fe-Al, and Ti-Fe-Cr—produced by powder metallurgy methods. The design of the compositions was aimed at reducing cost and enhance the oxidation and corrosion resistance while not decreasing the mechanical performance. The use of titanium hydride as raw material instead of Ti powder is highlighted as a key feature in the design and manufacturing procedure of the alloys. Introducing a dehydrogenation process during sintering favors the densification process while reducing the oxygen contamination and the production cost. There is a lack of studies focused on the implementation of affordable PM Ti alloys in high demanding environments. Therefore, a study of high temperature oxidation resistance and electrochemical behavior was performed.


  • Chemistry
  • Materials science and engineering


  • alfa-ti alloys; titanium hydride; low cost titanium alloy; oxidation resistance; powder metallurgy