Dual electro-optic optical frequency combs for multiheterodyne molecular dispersion spectroscopy Articles uri icon

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  • August 2015

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  • 1094-4087


  • In this paper, a multiheterodyne architecture for molecular dispersion spectroscopy based on a coherent dual-comb source generated using a single continuous wave laser and electro-optic modulators is presented and validated. The phase-sensitive scheme greatly simplifies previous dual-comb implementations by the use of an electro-optic dual comb and by phase-locking all the signal generators of the setup eliminating, in this way, the necessity of any reference optical path currently mandatory in absorption-based instruments. The architecture is immune to the classical baseline and normalization problems of absorptionbased analyzers and provides an output linearly dependent on the gas concentration. In addition, the simultaneous parallel multi-wavelength measurement approach has the ability to deliver an improved output bandwidth (measurement speed) over gas analyzers based on tunable lasers.


  • continuous wave lasers; heterodyning; locks; fasteners; modulators; electro-optic modulators; gas analyzers; gas concentration; measurement speed; molecular dispersions; multi-wavelengths; optical frequency combs; phase sensitive; dispersion; waves