Linear contrails detection, tracking and matching with aircraft using geostationarysatellite and air traffic data Articles uri icon

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  • July 2023

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  • 2226-4310


  • Climate impact models of the non- (Formula presented.) emissions of aviation are still subject to significant uncertainties. Condensation trails, or contrails, are one of these non- (Formula presented.) effects. In order to validate the contrail simulation models, a dataset of observations covering the entire lifetime of the contrails will be required, as well as the characteristics of the aircraft which produced them. This study carries on the work on contrail observation from geostationary satellite by proposing a new way to track contrails and identify the flight that produced it using geostationary satellite infrared images, weather data as well as air traffic data. It solves the tracking and the identification problem as one, each process leveraging information from the other to achieve a better overall result. This study is a new step towards a consistent contrail dataset that could be used to validate contrail models.


  • Aeronautics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics


  • condensation trails; contrail tracking; image segmentation; instance segmentation; matching contrails with aircraft; non-co2 climate impact of aviation; satellite imagery