Ibuprofen solubility and cytotoxic study of deep eutectic solvents formed by xylitol, choline chloride and water Articles uri icon


  • Lomba, Laura
  • Garralaga, M¿ Pilar
  • Werner, Alvaro
  • Giner, Beatriz
  • Sanchez Romero, Natalia

publication date

  • April 2023


  • 82

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

  • 1773-2247


  • Currently, many of the drugs that are discovered or are on the market are not soluble in water and they are classified in categories II and IV of the biopharmaceutical classification system (BCS). All this leads to the search for new solvents or excipients that allow improving the solubility of the active ingredients in aqueous media. One of the new trends is the use of Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES) to solubilize drugs. That is why, in this article, a eutectic mixture formed by xylitol and choline chloride with different proportions of water have been prepared to improve the formulation possibilities of ibuprofen. This pharmaceutical active ingredient has poor solubility in water. In addition to using these mixtures to study the solubility of an active ingredient, the toxicity of the mixtures using cell viability and protein quantification studies has been also checked. The results obtained show that these mixtures improve the solubility of ibuprofen, and they can be classified as non-toxic. These results open the door to the possibility of carrying out other solubility studies with other active ingredients and increasing the biological studies of these mixtures.


  • cytotoxicity; des; ibuprofen; solubility; xylitol:choline chloride