Norbornene as Key for a Possible Efficient Chemical Recycling in Structures Based on Ethylene Articles uri icon

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  • November 2022


  • 22


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  • 2073-4360


  • (copyright) 2022 by the authors.Different circular strategies attempt to increase the energy efficiency or reduce the accumulation of plastic in landfills through the development of circular polymers. Chemical recycling is essential to recover the initial monomers from plastic residues for obtaining new goods showing the same properties as those using virgin monomers from the initial feedstocks. This work addresses the preparation of poly(ethylene-co-norbornene) copolymers for a promising generation of materials for energy applications that could be treated by chemical recycling. The thermal and thermo-oxidative stability for these copolymers with norbornene is higher than for the neat PE, while their degradation exhibits an activation energy lower than that observed in PE, pointing out that chemical recycling would require a lower energy consumption.


  • chemical recycling; degradation; norbornene; polyethylene; polyolefins