Flower-like nickel hydroxide@tea leaf-derived biochar composite for high-performance supercapacitor application Articles uri icon


  • Pradiprao Khedulkar, Akhil
  • Dien Dang, Van
  • Ai Ngoc Bui, Thi
  • Linh Tran, Hai
  • Doong, Ruey an

publication date

  • October 2022

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  • 0021-9797

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  • 1095-7103


  • Renewable and sustainable high-performance energy storage devices are desirable to fulfill the demands of next-generation power sources. In this study, we report a flower-like nickel hydroxide/spent tea leaf-derived biochar (NiNF@TBC) composite for high-performance supercapacitor application. The tea leaf-derived biochar (TBC) with a specific surface area of 1340 m2 g-1 is used as the Ni(OH)2 support to fabricate NiNF@TBC composites. The highly porous and hierarchical structure of the as-synthesized NiNF@TBC composite facilitates the electrolyte ion and electron diffusion and transport more readily. As a result, the decrease in diffusion path and the increase in conductivity of NiNF@TBC for energy storage applications. The NiNF@TBC electrode shows excellent electrochemical properties with a specific capacitance of 945 F g-1 at 1 A g-1 in a three-electrode cell and high stability of 95% after 10,000 cycles. Moreover, the symmetric supercapacitor fabricated with NiNF@TBC delivers a specific capacitance of 163 F g-1 in 1 M Na2SO4 solution. The Ragone plot of the symmetric device exhibits energy density in the range of 19 - 58 Wh kg-1 with power density in the scale of 826 - 6321 Wkg-1. An excellent long-term cyclic stability of 94% is obtained after 10,000 charge-discharge cycles. Such an excellent performance has demonstrated the feasibility of utilizing agricultural wastes as green carbon sources, which can combine with various metal hydroxides to produce hybrid nanomaterials as a highly potential electrode material for green sustainable supercapacitor applications.


  • Chemistry


  • energy density; hierarchical structure; nickel hydroxide; supercapacitor; tea leaf-derived biochar (tbc)