Microstructural characterization of Y2O3 ODS-Fe-Cr model alloys Articles uri icon

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  • January 2009

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  • Two Fe-12 wt% Cr alloys, one containing 0.4 wt% Y2O3 and the other Y2O3-free, have been produced by mechanical alloying followed by hot isostatic pressing. These oxide dispersion strengthened and reference alloys were characterized both in the as-HIPed state and after tempering by transmission electron microscopy and atom-probe tomography. The as-HIPed alloys exhibited the characteristic microstructure of lath martensite and contained a high density of dislocations. Small voids with sizes <10 nm were also observed. Both alloys also contained M3C and M23C6 carbides (M = Cr, Fe) probably as a result of C ingress during milling. After tempering at 1023 K for 4 h the microstructures had partially recovered. In the recovered regions, martensite laths were replaced by equiaxed grains in which M23C6 carbides decorated the grain boundaries. In the ODS alloy nanoparticles containing Y were commonly observed within grains, although they were also present at grain boundaries and adjacent to large carbides. © 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


  • atom-probe tomographies cr alloys equiaxed grains high densities lath martensites martensite laths micro-structural characterizations model alloys ods alloys oxide dispersion strengthened alloys carbides cerium alloys chromium chromium alloys diagnostic radiography grain boundaries grain size and shape hot isostatic pressing martensite mechanical alloying microstructure tempering tomography transmission electron microscopy yttrium alloys iron alloys