The space of light rays: Causality and L-boundary Articles uri icon

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  • June 2022

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  • The space of light rays N of a conformal Lorentz manifold (M, C) is, under some topological conditions, a manifold whose basic elements are unparametrized null geodesics. This manifold N , strongly inspired on R. Penrose's twistor theory, keeps all information of M and it could be used as a space complementing the spacetime model. In the present review, the geometry and related structures of N , such as the space of skies Sigma and the contact structure H, are introduced. The causal structure of M is characterized as part of the geometry of N . A new causal boundary for spacetimes M prompted by R. Low, the L-boundary, is constructed in the case of 3-dimensional manifolds M and proposed as a model of its construction for general dimension. Its definition only depends on the geometry of N and not on the geometry of the spacetime M. The properties satisfied by the L-boundary {\displaystyle \partial } \partial M permit to characterize the obtained extension M = M U {\displaystyle \partial } \partial M and this characterization is also proposed for general dimension.


  • Mathematics


  • causal structure; conformal manifold; contact manifold; light rays; l-boundary; strongly causal spacetimes