No country for young people? : youth labour market problems in Europe Books uri icon

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  • London



publication date

  • 2015


  • 9781907142857

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  • ECO Books


  • Youth unemployment has been at the forefront of political and academic debate since the unfolding of the Great Recession in 2008, exploited to a greater or lesser extent by the contenders of most elections that have taken place across Europe since then. Edited by Juan Dolado of the European University Institute, this eBook takes into account the relevance of policy lessons from recent experience to provide a clear analysis of the factors that affect the impact labour-market policies have on youth unemployment. The contributors present a case-by-case analysis for a range of countries across Europe, spread both geographically and also by the divergent approaches taken. It covers countries with dual vocational training systems; dual labour markets; those where the ratio between youth and adult unemployment is notably high or low; and an overview of the recently launched Youth Guarantee programme.


  • Economics


  • youth at risk; unemployment; labour policy; economic recession; economic conditions; youth transitions; transition from education and training to employment; employment creation; wellbeing; education and training system