Chemically deposited Bi2S3:PbS solid solution thin film as supercapacitive electrode Articles uri icon

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  • January 2017


  • 505

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  • 0021-9797

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  • 1095-7103


  • (copyright) 2017 Elsevier Inc.Low-cost, easily synthesized, and high energy/power density embedded stable supercapacitive electrodes are the demands for today's renewable and green energy dependent generation. In search of that, Bi2S3:PbS solid solution in thin film form has been synthesized by modest successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method and characterized by XRD, FESEM, and HRTEM. Formation of solid solution in the form of nanoparticles gilded thin film exposes sufficient electroactive cavities for electroactive ions to incorporate. The composite exhibited excellent specific capacitance of 402.4 F/g at current density of 1 mA/cm2 with modest charge-discharge cycles. In terms of energy storage, it exhibited maximum specific power of 20.1 Wh/kg with accepting specific power of 1.2 kW/kg. The combination of two nanoparticles in nanocomposites thin film supplies new tactic for energy storage applications.


  • bi2s3:pbs thin film; energy storage; silar; supercapacitor