Smart flame retardant coating containing carboxymethyl chitosan nanoparticles decorated graphene for obtaining multifunctional textiles Articles uri icon


  • Goda, Emad S.
  • Abu Elella, Mahmoud H.
  • Hong, Sang Eun
  • Yoon, Kuk Ro
  • Gamal, Heba

publication date

  • May 2021

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  • 0969-0239

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  • 1572-882X


  • A revolutionary and straightforward technique with a dual functionality was manipulated for preparing graphene sheets (O-GRP) decorated with O-carboxymethyl chitosan nanoparticles (CMChNPs). Graphene was successfully exfoliated and decorated with CMChNPs through a simple ultrasonication tool. The developed graphene sheets were then utilized as the green binder for coating the surface of textile with the Ppy-Ag nanocomposite. A new vapor polymerization was used to synthesize the nanocomposite of polypyrrole-Ag on the graphene-modified fabric for acquiring ternary modified textiles (CT/O-GRP-Ppy-Ag). The structure and surface morphology of CMCh, O-GRP, and the various coated textiles have been carefully approved using various spectroscopic and microscopic analysis. The thermal stability, mechanical properties besides their electrical resistance, antimicrobial, and flame retardancy behaviors for the coated fabrics were investigated. The as-fabricated textile composites attained an inferior electrical resistance as 0.05 kΩ than that for the virgin textile (2770 kΩ) as an indication for the high conductive fabrics. The inhibition diameter zone for modified textiles was recorded as 24, and 28 mm for the E.coli, and S. aureus bacterial strains, respectively. Moreover, the rate of burning and LOI values for CT/O-GRP200-Ppy-Ag were significantly improved to 30.9 mm/min, and 22.8%, respectively compared to uncoated textile (149.3 mm/min, 17.8%), and the blank CT/O-GRP200 (79.2 mm/min, 19.9%) confirming the enhanced retardation against the fire growth.


  • Chemistry
  • Materials science and engineering


  • few layered-graphene; multifunctional textiles; o-carboxymethyl chitosan nanoparticles