Study on on-Chip Antenna Design Based on Metamaterial-Inspired and Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Properties for Millimetre-Wave and THz Integrated-Circuit Applications Articles uri icon

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  • January 2021

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  • This paper presents the results of a study on improving the performance parameters such as the impedance bandwidth, radiation gain and efficiency, as well as suppressing substrate loss of an innovative antenna for on-chip implementation for millimetre-wave and terahertz integrated-circuits. This was achieved by using the metamaterial and the substrate-integrated waveguide (SIW) technologies. The on-chip antenna structure comprises five alternating layers of metallization and silicon. An array of circular radiation patches with metamaterial-inspired crossed-shaped slots are etched on the top metallization layer below which is a silicon layer whose bottom surface is metalized to create a ground plane. Implemented in the silicon layer below is a cavity above which is no ground plane. Underneath this silicon layer is where an open-ended microstrip feedline is located which is used to excite the antenna. The feed mechanism is based on the coupling of the electromagnetic energy from the bottom silicon layer to the top circular patches through the cavity. To suppress surface waves and reduce substrate loss, the SIW concept is applied at the top silicon layer by implementing the metallic via holes at the periphery of the structure that connect the top layer to the ground plane. The proposed on-chip antenna has an average measured radiation gain and efficiency of 6.9 dBi and 53%, respectively, over its operational frequency range from 0.285¿0.325 THz. The proposed on-chip antenna has dimensions of 1.35 × 1 × 0.06 mm3. The antenna is shown to be viable for applications in millimetre-waves and terahertz integrated-circuits. © 2020, The Author(s).


  • antenna feed mechanism metamaterial (mtm) millimetre-waves (mm-waves) on-chip antenna silicon process substrate-integrated waveguide (siw) terahertz (thz) integrated circuits antenna arrays antenna feeders antenna grounds electric impedance integrated circuit design integrated circuits metallizing metals metamaterial antennas metamaterials millimeter waves substrates surface waves terahertz waves timing circuits impedance bandwidths metallization layers on-chip implementations operational frequency range performance parameters substrate integrated waveguide technologies terahertz integrated circuits thz integrated circuits substrate integrated waveguides