Mutual-coupling isolation using embedded metamaterial em bandgap decoupling slab for densely packed array antennas Articles uri icon

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  • April 2019

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  • 2169-3536


  • This paper presents a unique technique to enhance isolation between transmit/receive radiating elements in densely packed array antenna by embedding a metamaterial (MTM) electromagnetic bandgap (EMBG) structure in the space between the radiating elements to suppress surface currents that would otherwise contribute towards mutual coupling between the array elements. The proposed MTM-EMBG structure is a cross-shaped microstrip transmission line on which are imprinted two outward facing E-shaped slits. Unlike other MTM structures, there is no short-circuit grounding using via-holes. With this approach, the maximum measured mutual coupling achieved is -60 dB @ 9.18 GHz between the transmit patches (#1 #2) and receive patches (#3 #4) in a four-element array antenna. Across the antenna's measured operating frequency range of 9.12-9.96 GHz, the minimum measured isolation between each element of the array is 34.2 dB @ 9.48 GHz, and there is no degradation in radiation patterns. The average measured isolation over this frequency range is 47 dB. The results presented confirm the proposed technique is suitable in applications such as synthetic aperture radar and multiple-input multiple-output systems. © 2013 IEEE.


  • array antennas decoupling slab electromagnetic bandgap metamaterial multiple-input multiple-output mutual coupling synthetic aperture radar antenna grounds codes (symbols) directional patterns (antenna) energy gap feedback control metamaterial antennas metamaterials microwave antennas mimo radar mimo systems radar antennas slot antennas synthetic aperture radar telecommunication repeaters array antennas decoupling slab electromagnetic band gaps microstrip transmission lines multiple input multiple output system mutual coupling operating frequency radiating elements antenna arrays