Double-port slotted-antenna with multiple miniaturized radiators for wideband wireless communication systems and portable devices Articles uri icon


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  • January 2019

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  • Proof-of-concept is presented of a novel slot antenna structure with two excitation ports. Although this antenna provides a wide impedance bandwidth, its peak gain and optimum radiation efficiency are observed at its mid-band operational frequency. The antenna structure is etched on the top side of a dielectric substrate with a ground plane. The antenna essentially consists of a rectangular patch with two dielectric slots in which multiple coupled patch arms embedded with H-shaped slits are loaded. The two dielectric slots are isolated from each other with a large H-shaped slit. The radiation characteristics of the proposed antenna in terms of impedance bandwidth, gain and efficiency can be significantly improved by simply increasing the number of radiation arms and modifying their dimensions. The antenna¿s performance was verified by building and testing three prototype antennas. The final optimized antenna exhibits a fractional bandwidth of 171% (0.5¿6.4 GHz) with a peak gain and maximum radiation efficiency of 5.3 dBi and 75% at 4.4 GHz, respectively. The antenna has physical dimensions of 27×37×1.6 mm3 corresponding to electrical size of 0.0452¿0 ×0.0627¿0 ×0.0026¿0,where ¿0 is freespace wavelength at 0.5 GHz. The antenna is compatible for integration in handsets and other broadband wireless systems that operate over L-, S-, and C-bands. © 2019, Electromagnetics Academy. All rights reserved.


  • antenna grounds bandwidth broadband networks dielectric materials directional patterns (antenna) efficiency electric impedance microstrip antennas microwave antennas mobile antennas broad band wireless systems dielectric substrates fractional bandwidths free-space wavelengths operational frequency radiation characteristics wide impedance bandwidths wideband wireless communication slot antennas