Composite right-left-handed-based antenna with wide applications in very-high frequency-ultra-high frequency bands for radio transceivers Articles uri icon

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  • December 2015

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  • This study presents a metamaterial-based antenna using the concept of composite right-left-handed transmission-lines. The radiation-cells layouts are based on L/F-shaped slits, so these slits are engraved on the radiation-patches for establishing a series-capacitor effect. Moreover, the radiation cells including the spirals and via-holes for the shunt-inductors implementation. By cascading the proper number of cells, the desired antennas for very/ultra-high frequency-bands are designed. The first-antenna with four L-shaped cells isconstructed on the Rogers_RO4003 substrate with thickness of 0.8 mm, so that each of cells occupies the size of 2.3mm× 4.9mm. This antenna covers the experimental-bandwidth of 0.2-1.8 GHz, which corresponds to 160% feasible-bandwidth. This antenna resonates at frequencies of 600-850-1200-1550 MHz, so highest gain and efficiency, happened at 1550 MHz, are 3.4 dBi and 88%. For improving the antenna performances, the second-antenna is modelled with one-cell more than first-antenna and with changing in the slit configuration to F-shape and increasing in the same substrate thickness to 1.6 mm. F-shaped antenna has size of 14.5mm× 4.4mm× 1.6 mm, covering a measured-bandwidth of 0.11-2.1 GHz with five resonance frequencies at 450-725-1150-1670-1900 MHz, which corresponds to 180.1% practical-bandwidth. Maximum of the measured gain and efficiency of antenna are 4.5 dBi and 95%, which occur at 1900 MHz. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2015.


  • antennas bandwidth cells cytology efficiency frequency bands metamaterial antennas radio transceivers antenna performance composite right-left handed composite right-left-handed transmission lines metamaterial-based antennas resonance frequencies substrate thickness ultra-high frequency bands very high frequency microwave antennas