Monte Carlo Simulations of the GE Signa PET/MR for Different Radioisotopes Articles uri icon


  • Caribe, Paulo R.R.V.
  • Vandenberghe, Stefaan
  • Diogo, Andre
  • Efthimiou, Nikos
  • Thyssen, Charlotte
  • D'Asseler, Yves
  • Koole, Michel

publication date

  • September 2020

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  • 1664-042X


  • NEMA characterization of PET systems is generally based on 18F because it is the most relevant radioisotope for the clinical use of PET. 18F has a half-life of 109.7 min and decays into stable 18O via beta+ emission with a probability of over 96% and a maximum positron energy of 0.633 MeV. Other commercially available PET radioisotopes, such as 82Rb and 68Ga have more complex decay schemes with a variety of prompt gammas, which can directly fall into the energy window and induce false coincidence detections by the PET scanner. [...]


  • nuclear medicine; pet/mr; nema nu 2-2012; high energy positron emitters; positron range