Vectors of Temporally Correlated Snippets for Temporal Action Detection Articles uri icon


  • Murtaza, Fiza
  • Yousaf, Muhammad Haroon
  • Qian, Yu

publication date

  • May 2020


  • 85

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

  • 0045-7906

Electronic International Standard Serial Number (EISSN)

  • 1879-0755


  • Detection of human actions in long untrimmed videos is an important but challenging task due to the unconstrained nature of actions present in untrimmed videos. We argue that untrimmed videos contain multiple snippets from actions and the background classes having significant correlation with each other, which results in imprecise detection of start-end times for action regions. In this work, we propose Vectors of Temporally Correlated Snippets (VTCS) which addresses this problem by finding the snippet-centroids from each class which are discriminant for their own class. For each untrimmed video, non-overlapping snippets are temporally correlated with the snippet-centroids using VTCS encoding to find the action proposals. We evaluate the performance of VTCS on the Thumos14 and ActivityNet datasets. For Thumos14, VTCS achieves a significant gain in mean Average Precision (mAP) at temporal Intersection over Union (tIoU) threshold 0.5, improving from 41.5% to 44.3%. For the sports-subset of ActivityNet dataset, VTCS obtains 38.5% mAP @0.5 tIoU threshold.


  • Computer Science


  • temporal action detection; action proposals; 3d-convolutional network (c3d); bag of words; k-means clustering