A magyarországi háborúk és egy extremadurai nemesi életpálya. Pedro Barrantes Maldonado katona és krónikás (1510-1578) = Las Guerras de Hungría en el cursus honorum de un hidalgo extremeño: el soldado-cronista Pedro Barrantes Maldonado (1510-1578) Articles uri icon



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  • June 2019

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  • 2019/2


  • This article describes some aspects of Pedro Barrantes Maldonado's life, an Extremaduran hidalgo linked with the family of the field marshal Bernardo de Aldana, who were involved in the Hungarian Wars during the reign of Emperor Charles V. Throughout this research work we will study the origins of his warrior lineage and his role in the imperial policies. In addition, his fondness for Genealogy and History made Barrantes a real chronicler of his time who also wrote the so-called Itinerary of the Day of Hungary. Last, their children recalled their deeds to achieve a "hidalguía", the lowest rank of the nobility, which allowed them to consolidate their social ascent


  • History