Analysis of the Substrate Effect on the Zero-Backward Scattering Condition of a Cu2O Nanoparticle under Non-Normal Illumination Articles uri icon

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  • April 2019


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  • 2079-4991


  • The presence of a substrate is one of the most important limitations of the real application of the directional conditions. These conditions allow the control of the spatial distribution of light scattering of nanoparticles. While the zero-forward condition is quite sensitive to any change of the surrounding medium, like the substrate, the zero-backward scattering seems to be less sensitive and very stable under normal illumination. In this letter, the zero-backward scattering condition was investigated on a homogenous Cu2O spherical subwavelength particle, both theoretically and experimentally. In particular, the influence of the substrate and the impinging direction on the angular distribution of light scattering under this directional condition were studied. We observed that the zero-backward scattering condition was also sensitive to the presence of a substrate beneath when a non-normal illumination was considered. We believe that our finding is quite interesting from a practical point of view and for the real implementation of directional scattering in various applications like cloaking, light-emitting devices, photovoltaic devices, bio-sensing, and many more.


  • Electronics


  • nanoparticle; scattering; directionality; metamaterials