A methodology for obtaining by measurements the transformer physical-circuital model parameters Articles uri icon

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  • August 2012

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  • URL: http://pe.org.pl/articles/2012/9a/3.pdf ---------------------------------------- Resumen: Modeling a transformer usually requires all its construction data, which is very difficult to obtain for the units in operation; for new transformers manufacturers are not usually willing to provide this information. This paper presents a procedure to obtain the parameters of the transformer physical-circuital model based on data obtained from external measurements, without need for design data. This was done by using different tests, some routine tests like losses and other special tests such as frequency response or FRA. It is also presented the application of the procedure to obtain the model of a 15-KVA 13200 / 244 V single-phase transformer, and its use to simulate the frequency response.


  • transformer; diagnostic tests; equivalent circuit; parameters; frequency response analysis