Robust outer synchronization between two complex networks with fractional order dynamics Articles uri icon

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  • September 2011


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  • 1089-7682


  • Synchronization between two coupled complex networks with fractional-order dynamics, hereafter referred to as outer synchronization, is investigated in this work. In particular, we consider two systems consisting of interconnected nodes. The state variables of each node evolve with time according to a set of (possibly nonlinear and chaotic) fractional-order differential equations. One of the networks plays the role of a master system and drives the second network by way of an open-plus-closed-loop (OPCL) scheme. Starting from a simple analysis of the synchronization error and a basic lemma on the eigenvalues of matrices resulting from Kronecker products, we establish various sets of conditions for outer synchronization, i.e., for ensuring that the errors between the state variables of the master and response systems can asymptotically vanish with time. Then, we address the problem of robust outer synchronization, i.e., how to guarantee that the states of the nodes converge to common values when the parameters of the master and response networks are not identical, but present some perturbations. Assuming that these perturbations are bounded, we also find conditions for outer synchronization, this time given in terms of sets of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). Most of the analytical results in this paper are valid both for fractional-order and integer-order dynamics. The assumptions on the inner (coupling) structure of the networks are mild, involving, at most, symmetry and diffusivity. The analytical results are complemented with numerical examples. In particular, we show examples of generalized and robust outer synchronization for networks whose nodes are governed by fractional-order Lorenz dynamics.