Quantum Fields on Noncommutative Spacetimes: Theory and Phenomenology Articles uri icon

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  • June 2010

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  • 1815-0659


  • In the present work we review the twisted field construction of quantum field theory on noncommutative spacetimes based on twisted Poincar'e invariance. We present the latest development in the field, in
    particular the notion of equivalence of such quantum field theories on a
    noncommutative spacetime, in this regard we work out explicitly the
    inequivalence between twisted quantum field theories on Moyal and
    Wick-Voros planes; the duality between deformations of the
    multiplication map on the algebra of functions on spacetime
    mathscrF(mathbbR 4) and coproduct deformations of the Poincar'e-Hopf
    algebra HmathscrP acting the appearance of a nonassociative product on
    mathscrF(mathbbR 4) when gauge fields are also included in the picture.
    The last part of the manuscript is dedicated to the phenomenology of
    noncommutative quantum field theories in the particular approach adopted
    in this review. CPT violating processes, modification of two-point
    temperature correlation function in CMB spectrum analysis and
    Pauli-forbidden transition in rm Be 4 are all effects which show up in
    such a noncommutative setting. We review how they appear and in
    particular the constraint we can infer from comparison between
    theoretical computations and experimental bounds on such effects. The
    best bound we can get, coming from Borexino experiment, is gtrsim 10 24
    TeV for the energy scale of noncommutativity, which corresponds to a
    length scale lesssim 10 -43 m. This bound comes from a different model
    of spacetime deformation more adapted to applications in atomic physics.
    It is thus model dependent even though similar bounds are expected for
    the Moyal spacetime as well as argued elsewhere.